Accident at work

Employers have a responsibility to ensure they provide a safe working environment for their employees. At times employers neglect this duty and accidents at the workplace take place. Our experience has shown when dealing with accidents at work, clients at times have felt guilty pursuing a claim against their employer and feel that it may cause problems for them at work, however there are laws in place to ensure this doesn't happen.

The type of accidents that take place at work can be quite broad, we have listed below some of the potential type of accidents you can potentially make a claim for:

- Working with faulty or defective equipment
- Heavy Lifting
- Falls from unsecured ladders or other equipment
- Working without/inadequate PPE equipment
- Repetitive Strain Injury

The above list is not exhaustive, if you have had an accident at work whether it took place in a factory, a construction site or the office speak to a member of our team who can assess the merits of your case. With our years of experience we will help you get the compensation you deserve working on a 'No win No Fee' basis.