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Kinetic Law got me £2,500 for my Industrial Deafness claim.

Mrs Preston

At my time of need, Kinetic Law were there for me. Thank you.

Mr Smith

I got £3,000 for my car accident claim.

Mr Khan

Why Kinetic Law?

If you are living in rented accommodation that is poorly maintained and your landlord is refusing to rectify the problem, our Housing Disrepair specialists can look to help get the repairs done and at the sametime provide you with the compensation you deserve.

We understand a fully functioning house is extremely important to physical and psychological wellbeing. Pursuing a claim against your landlord whether it be private or against the council can be stressful enough, we look to take away this stress by working with you throughout the whole process of the claim, providing you with jargon free advice.

If you have any of the following problems in your rented accommodation, a member of our Housing Disrepair team may be able to help:

- Damp, mould or fungus
- Defective Boiler
- Elecrical Wiring issues
- Plumbing - leaks, flooding or water damage
- Insect infestation
- Defective brickwork, windows or doors

The issue surrounding the state of property can effect you and your family. At Kinetic Law we promise to work on your case on a 'No win No Fee' basis, we will look to speak to you initially about the claim and then arrange for a qualified surveyor with their expertise to assess the damage. We will look to get the compensation you rightfully deserve as a result of the disrepair.

For further information and no boligation advice, speak to a meber of our Housing Disrepair team on 0800 445 100 or request a call back.