Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness or at times referred to as Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is hearing impairment resulting from exposure to excessive levels of noise. Clients may have worked in the noisy enviorment many years ago however the symptoms may become more evident later on in life. Our experince has shown many employers simply were not providing clients with adequate hearing protection and as a result clients have suffered from Industrial Deafness.

If you have ever worked in the following industries and were exposed to noise, you may be able to make a claim:

- Engineering
- Mining
- Shipbuilding
- Construction
- Textiles/Weaving

At Kinetic Law we understand the impacts this can have on your social life, from having the TV on too loud or simply not being able to hear friends when there is background noise, we will work with you to get the level of compensation you rightfully are entitled to. On most occassions as the claims are historic the company may no longer exist however you can still pursue a claim as we will look to trace the insurers of the company you worked for.

If you have ever worked in a noisy enviorment, speak to a member of our Industrial Disease team or request a call back.