Are you having problems obtaining your tenancy deposit from your Landlord?

Why Kinetic Law?

Kinetic Law specialise in assisting tenants recover their tenancy deposit from their Landlord.

If your Landlord has failed to put your deposit in one of the three tenancy deposit schemes within 30 days of receiving your deposit and/or failed to provide certain information about where your deposit is held (known as “Prescribed Information”) then you are entitled to recover your deposit plus an award of up to three times the value of your deposit.

You are entitled to make this claim regardless of whether or not you have left the property or even if the deposit has been returned to you. A claim can also be made whether the deposit was protected outside of the 30 day period.

At Kinetic Law, we will investigate for free whether your deposit has been protected. If your deposit is not protected we will work on your case on a “No win No fee” basis and submit your claim to your Landlord or Estate Agent.

For further information and no obligation advice, speak to a member of our dispute resolution team on 0800 445 100 or request a call back.